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Rectangle Ratios

December 27, 2012

For continuous strand weaving on the rectangle pin frame loom, the length needs to be based on the width of the rectangle.  I have made some diagrams to show the relative width and length of some of the rectangles available on my modular/adjustable rectangle looms.  The size comparisons for the different rectangles are accurately displayed in these charts below.  In my opinion, a rectangle length 5 times the width is ideal for a scarf.  With my looms, you can make rectangles shorter than the max. length if you want.  You could fold a wider scarf double when wearing it for extra bulk.  As with any continuous strand weaving, the thickness of the yarn used determines the bulk and drape of the finished product.  Scarves woven in the continuous strand method do stretch out some in length, plus adding a fringe makes them longer.

     These are some widths I am considering for my 8mm basic starter scarf loom. I like the 9", 11", 14" set because all these rectangles make longer scarves, using most of the length of the loom rails.  However, the 10", 12", & 14" are even numbers and might be more in demand.  Don't know yet, I am looking for feedback.  I have one about finished with the 10", 12" & 14" options.   I am going to provide the other two options (9" & 11") as a bonus for my next looms sold, to customers who want to give me feedback. That would be all 5 widths possibilities shown above. 15 rectangles to choose from.
      I want to have just 3 widths available in a standard basic starter set, unless someone orders additional widths.  Having too many color-coded marks on the loom makes it more confusing, and having only 3 width choices keeps the basic starter loom affordable.  The possible widths when adding extensions for longer rectangles are independent of the widths you have on your basic start loom.  See below.
     The gray line shows the length of a possible shorter basic version. This could make some scarves and cost a little less. Even less if I made you a starter loom with one or two width choices.  Either of these basic lengths can be extended for the very long lengths shown below.  For a long loom, it would not matter if the basic long rails are a little shorter, and would ship and store easier; and the length is made up in the extensions. Besides the 5 widths shown above, the basic starter rails are drilled for settings for 18" & 24" width rectangles, plus 30", 36", 42", 48" and 54" square looms.  These additional width pieces can be ordered with a loom or purchased from me later. 

Long rectangles made by adding the extensions.  This would be considered a 7' rectangle loom, but as you can see, the 18" and 24" widths can only be up to 72" long. Non-continuous weaving (Warp & Weft) is possible using the whole length.   A 6' rectangle loom would make some nice long continuous woven scarves, I will be making this size set for sale.  There are widths that would fill out the 7' better, such as 21" x 4 squares which I could make on special order.  Also, 16.5 times 5 squares is about 84". The  7' is a size I will be making also, probably with 12", 16.5" & 21".  For those looking to weave these longer rectangles, you will be able to order custom widths with your add-on extensions.   Any width using any number of pins, as the settings would be custom to the add-on extensions regardless of the settings used on the basic starter loom set.  If you wanted a 15" width, that would be 49 pins.  But you could order a 50 pin width, or 51 pins and so on.  These specialized widths would might not be compatible with the setting of the basic rails, only the extensions for longer rectangles.  If you wanted custom widths for the basic rails, other than the 12 widths that will come standard,  I could make that up for you.

This is what an 8' rectangle loom would look like. That would be a lot of weaving. I will make this size, probably with these 3 widths.  For your custom 8' rectangle loom, contact me for the widths you want.  Note that all three widths also can make a 6' rectangle.  I could make extensions to make a 6' rectangle loom.  It would be possible for me to make a 6' loom with one-piece long rails, if I had the nice straight wood and had the packaging for such a long package.  Anything over 60 inches long costs more to ship also.
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