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  This is a pdf file to show how to do Basic  Continuous Strand Weaving on the Triangle.  bastriwve.pdf
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Triangle Looms for sale
  Go to and you can see what I have listed there.  I can sell you any of these Etsy shop items for 5% less if I send you a PayPal invoice and you buy directly from me after contacting me and I take down the listing.  10% less if you contact me and arrange to send payment via postal mail.  If you choose either direct sale payment, I will charge the exact shipping cost, without any charge for handling or packaging.

  As of Oct 1, 2014 I only have one loom on Ebay, a 79" adjustable triangle loom.  I can sell that loom directly to you using PayPal or snail mail.  To inquire to to start a direct sale, please email me at   Do not use the Ebay messaging system but contact me via email and I will take down the listing.

 I have looms for sale on Etsy even though they have a flat rate shipping system. Most of the time I end up paying more for shipping than I charge you.  Rates have gone up and I don't always change my shipping charge.  For heavier items, it costs more the further you are from AZ.    I am glad to check on the shipping to your location for you so you only pay the exact shipping cost if it is less.  I would not charge more than I have listed on Etsy.  I can make a Reserved listing for you on etsy with this shipping cost, if you prefer using the Etsy buying option.

    I have always had some customers who preferred doing business through the mail and sending Money Orders for payment.  This is kind of like going back to the old ways, but it works every time it is tried.  If you want to do business this way, contact me and I will remove a listing from Etsy or Ebay and sell it to you directly - at a 10 % discount if payment is sent via the mail.   As of Nov. 2013, I have an email address you can use to contact me.  It is:  We could use the telephone to communicate also after we make contact.

   Contacting me directly will ensure you that I will hold the item for you until payment is received. And so I will suspend the Etsy listing.  Also I will need to give you the mailing address and pay-to information if you want to send a check or MO.  First I will have to get your zip postal code in order to figure the exact shipping, without handling charge, to your location.  I may have to package the loom first to get the shipping weight and dimensions thus the actual shipping cost. So it will take some back-and-forth communication.  I have a good reputation on Etsy and Ebay and have lots of repeat customers.  You will not be asked for payment until I have your shipping charge figured out and the package is ready to ship. 

Returns - I live in a place with no UPS or USPS delivery.  I ship items by taking them to town, an 80 mile round trip.    When I was selling on Ebay and Etsy I did not take returns, and no one ever questioned that.  When I am making a loom for someone experienced in continuous weaving on the triangle, I do not have to consider that they won't be able to master the technique.  Of course I stand by the loom as a quality, usable product.


Hideaway Adjustable triangle looms  - you can also buy these directly from me at a discount over the Etsy or Ebay price.

I have them made in the 3" size(shown here), a 5' size, 79" size and 84" size.  3 ft and 5 ft sizes are sold out Nov. 11, 2014.

I can now make a 'pinwheel style' adjustable triangle loom in various sizes. Below I have a 3' loom in the medium sett that adjusts down to a 2 1/2', 2', & 1 1/2' size too.  Photo shows the 2 1/2' setting.  Shown with white nails, I also can make one that has brown nails.  Sold out now, when I have one it will be Listed  on Etsy for  $125 plus shipping.  The 3' size is a full 36" along the hypotenuse (long) side of the triangle.  The smaller you adjust this type of loom, the more you have extra wood rails sticking out in 3 directions.  Still, it is practical for use when it adjusts down a foot or two smaller than the largest hypotenuse measurement.  I can now make these trilooms as large as you want.  I use the mediuim sett pin spacing which is .442" on the hypotenuse and 5/16" (8mm) on the side rails.   I cannot make adjustable trilooms in the fine sett pin spacing. 


5' adjustable triangle loom that adjusts to the full 60" hypotenuse length plus 56", 52", 48" & 44". 
The one in the photos is maple wood, now Sold.    Pictured below in the 3 largest settings.  I tried maple just to see how I liked it.  New looms will be made of oak wood. Ships at UPS rate for a long box over 60".

 If you contact me directly I can sell a loom to you for less than the Etsy  price which is $175.00


My new adjustable triloom is made so all the pins line up nicely at the corners.  A triangle marks the corner pin you will use for the adjusted size.  Stainless steel bolts and washers, hidden zinc dowel nuts inside the wood. Photos posted April 27, 2014.

"Full Size" Adjustable Hideaway 79" Triangle Loom, Medium pin spacing
My triangle looms have evolved to this model, can be made in various sizes.  Posted here Feb. 18, 2014

This loom was made to equal the hypotenuse length of Sprigg's "Full Size", "7 foot" adjustable triangle loom.  What is different from that loom is the price and the finer pin spacing. 180 pins on each side.   It is actually 79" measured pin to pin on the hypotenuse.  I prefer to name it Hideaway 79" triangle loom, as it is 5" short of 7'.  Adjusts down to 5 smaller sizes in 6" + increments. Longest piece is almost 7' long so ships in a 7' plus long tube.  This loom is listed on Ebay.

Shown adjusted down one size, which would be about 6' plus 1 inch.

Now adjusted to just over 5.5'.  There are 2 smaller settings, not shown.

This shows how 2 bolts are used at each corner, turning into sunken, hidden zinc dowel nuts.  The pin spacing is closer than on Sprigg's adjustable triangle loom.  Better for fine yarn, like some homespun.

The brand I am using. I also can use 'Hideaway Homestead' brand that has the same cabin logo, for a custom order. Or use no brand at all. 

84" Adjustable Triangle Loom, Medium pin spacing

  Similar to photos above, but with a full 84" measurement on the long side.  Also has 'Golden Oak' minwax wood finish rather than the Cherry stain shown above.  Has 7 adjustment settings.  Other than the full 84" setting, the other settings are exactly the same as the 79" adjustable triloom pictured above.  Direct sale price:    $310.00 plus shipping.  Listed on  Etsy now.    Contact me to buy this directly or for your custom order.  I could make the largest setting and the smaller adjustments at custom sizes.  

Basic oak trilooms (single size, 3-rail construction, does not change size or shape)   I can make these in Coarse , Medium, or fine sett. See details of these pin spacing plans further down the page.   No, these can't ship assembled as shown here.  The come apart for shipping and are easy to assemble with the included instructions.  A Phillips screwdriver may be required.

This basic, non adjustable triloom ended up without a brand, is already sold.

Other looms for sale. 

Basic 3-piece 5' standard sett (1/2" spacing on hypotenuse) -  Was $135.00, Sale $100.00 plus shipping.  Not listed anywhere else.

The 5' size will have to be in a package that goes over the UPS length for their regular shipping cost.  It adds about $9 more to the cost of the package, over the cost of a shorter package. The shipping cost will depend on your location.

I have a fine sett 6' triloom with take-down hypotenuse rail in stock, Aug. 2014. Etsy listing price, $185.75.    Direct sale price: 5% or 10% less,  plus shipping (regular priced UPS shipping due to shorter box) This loom is not on Etsy now, email me.


Triloom or Rectangle loom tripod easel stands.  I don't have any more made, may not make more any time soon.  You could ask.

  These are made of pine or fir wood.  Ships as a long package with UPS, costs more than a regular length package.  Ships UPS.  Length of the legs is approx. 75 inches, makes a over-length UPS rate.  I am leaving this information here as it might give someone ideas of how to make one for yourself or others.

      Left to Right;
The tripod stand set up for use, folded flat for temporary storage, and disassembled for shipping.  The toggle blocks can be positioned at 9 separate positions on the front legs.  You could have a triangle loom mounted with one block lower or higher to get more than 8 height settings, because a triangle point-down will float to level.   The outer toggle tightens on the loom rail like a clamp.  The inner block is a spacer that the loom actually sits on.  I the inner blocks of 3/4" oak wood which is the same thickness as the triangle looms I make.  I could change these 'floating blocks' to a thickness to match a loom you have.  Chains fasten the front legs to the back leg, noty visible in these photos.  I still use the Hideaway Homestead brand on these.  Finished with golden oak MinWax wood finish to protect the wood. I provide good printed assembly instructions.


Pin Spacing Choices:  This might help Do It Yourselfers

Fine Sett:  Hypotenuse, slightly less than 3/8" (actually 9mm)                Sides, exactly 1/4"

Medium Sett:  Hypotenuse, .442"                    Sides, exactly 5/16" (8mm)

Standard 1/2" Sett:  Hypotenuse actually 17/32"                    Sides, exactly 3/8"
Or you could have the hyp. exactly 1/2"    &             use            9mm for the sides

You can see that the Medium Sett is exactly half way between the fine sett and the standard sett I have been using.

Brand Choices - Woodburned on the oak wood.


Doubling up when triloom weaving
Experienced weavers can do anything on a standard (1/2") sett triloom that can be done on a fine sett loom.    I you move a loop back to the pin used on the previous loop, that is doubling.  If you put two loops on each pin, you would have twice as many strands.  If you only doubled on every-other pin, you would have exactly the same strand spacing as a fine sett loom.

  Single weave on standard sett loom.   The yarn is a fine handspun fingering mohair yarn.

Double weave on same loom with same yarn.  Each pin ends up with two loops on it.  You weave normally, but when you have a loop done, you can put it back on the last pin and straighten the weaving accordingly.  The next loop will stay on its pins, then the next one will join it.   Both weavings are pictured while still on the loom.  You can see where the yarns can be evened out better before weaving is removed from loom. 

Formula for figuring yardage on a triangle loom.
Multiply the length of the hypotenuse (long side) times the number of pins on one side.  There are the same number of pins on each side, so it doesn't matter which side.  That will give you the length of yarn needed.  If the measurement of the long side is in feet, you can divide the result by 3 to get the length in yards.    If that length is in inches, divide by 36 to get yards.

This is a pdf file to show how to do Basic  Continuous Strand Weaving on the Triangle.  bastriwve.pdf
2.1 MB

Click on it to view or save.

Do It Yourself Tips
 A triangle loom needs to have an equal nr. of nails on all 3 sides. Count the corner nails when counting each side.  The spacing on the long (hypotenuse) side is greater than the two short sides.  For a standard 1/2inch sett, you can use 3/8" spacing for the short sides, then 17/32" for the long side.  This is a little more than 1/2", but this is the exact ratio you need to make it work.    9mm on the sides and exactly 1/2" on the hypotenuse will work also.                                                                                         

You can use a rule with 1/16ths of an inch markings, and make your marks on the rule halfway between the 16ths, and get the exact marks you need for the hypotenuse.  If you get a 4' aluminum rule, it will have measurements on both edges, and you can have the 3/8" marks on the other edge.  I have holes drilled in a rule like this for both 3/8 and 17/32", but you can just mark the points with a fine sharpee.

There are many ways to join wood to make the triangle.  If you make the marks or holes before you join the wood, it is easier to figure out where to cut the wood.  This lets you put the row of nails right where you want on the rails, getting the row of nails as close as you want to the edge.  Getting the correct number of nails and the correct spacing is more important than getting the exact angle of the triangles, but with the spacting ratio shown above, the angles will turn out right.

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